Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The demons within

Its been a good while I know and it maybe a while again before I post. But In was looking through the hard drive for something (not quite sure what) and came across this. people will hate for its abstractness, but Im not really concerned about those types.

Currently I'm battling with depression (again) and editing helps a bit but mainly i just want to hide away from the world. The day job is less than enjoyable to such an extent I am looking at my youth with rose tinted glasses (that was fairly crap aswell)

Thursday, 17 July 2014


I haven't posted here for months so as I was looking through images, I re-discovered Faith (not that I really lost her). Ive been busy doing other shoots and falling in love with all types of film so over the summer I may just do a light prom shoot with 35mm or 120 film. Once ive figured out all the bits and pieces

Friday, 11 April 2014

Optical illusion

Try looking at this from different distances and see how it changes. I found the image on Tumblr (I think). Its really freaky. When I shot it it said one thing but looking at the back of the camera it said something else. Ity kind of plays with the mind a bit.

Let me know what you think.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Lady parts?

We had a good old chat during the shoot, as you do and I got talking about some of the images I had shot were quite disturbing and they we come to this image, its a hand (female) holding an old style mouse but you can see what it looks like, can't you?

Anyway with Pete having a beard, I thought it would be great fun to try and bounce it off his face, but it generally looked like Daniel Stern after being hit in the face with the iron in Home Alone (I cant believe that was filmed 25 years ago-almost). Pete then suggested we place the image over his man parts for a laugh so off we went. Jolly Japes. I like working with models who can think for themselves. Its awesome, it looks wrong but is innocent at the same time.

Its a tight crop but there wasn't a great deal above the belt as it were anyway but it makes it just that little bit more suggestive.

Perhaps when people look at it they will just a brown stain, then again they may see something else. Who knows.

I might have a shoot on Wednesday then again I may not. More of Pete to follow

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Spot the human.  With me having a few weeks off I am hoping to get another shoot in. Ive had some feedback on another image on and people have suggested using additional light sources. So I may try them on the next shoot. having been on with this project for so long I had started to flag a little but getting published again has rekindled my enthusiasm.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Stitches of Eden

An abstract light pro shot (aren't they all). The image I used was a bit like a coloured egg yolk, so the wavy line on the  t-shirt is really  neat. Pete's had looks big (its probably in perspective as he is big) which distorts the image just a bit more.

These are just the first few images from the shoot there are many more to come and one or two really disturbing ones. I have work now followed by an after school Teachers vs parents football match. So providing I survive that I will post more later.

Enjoy your days where ever you are.

Above the soil

First light projection shot of Pete today. Just a simple but hopefully effective shot. Pete is 6ft +, he makes me look like the dwarf I am.  Also the first real Male Model I have shot on this project. I know I did a couple back last summer but he didnt really count. Ive always shied away from male models before as I felt I couldn't deal with all that macho bull shit, but there was none of that and I'm really pleased the I booked the shoot.

Pete has added a different dimension to this project. we shot over 300 images and somehow managed to shoot 2 short 10 secs videos. So much for cutting down on the number of shots taken on a shoot.

We used a variety of public domain images and a few that weren't. The results will appear here and on the its sister blog